Vocational Excellence is fostered through Centres of Vocational Excellence Water (CoVE Water) operating at regional and/or national level embedding Vocational Education closely in the regional innovation ecosystems around Water, working with water technology businesses, chambers of industry and commerce, tertiary education, research institutions, public authorities, companies etc. The local, regional, national partners together develop the set of services and actions that improve VET curricula and teaching and learning methods. In a CoVE Water, knowledge of market needs (demand side) push for relevant VET curricula and qualifications (supply side). CoVE Water actively involve actors of the national/regional ‘knowledge triangle’ concerning water technology.

Five CoVE’s are set up and developed further in all participating countries. The CoVE’s follow the principles of the Hybride Learning Environment and share the following features:

  • They support the regional development and smart specialisation strategies, working together with other education and training institutions (Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities) to provide a wide portfolio and level of skills required to implement those strategies.
  • They actively participating in knowledge triangles with Universities, Research centres, and Business, aimed at being at the forefront of research and technological developments, allowing the rapid update of training curricula and qualifications.
  • They are part of an integrated continuous learning curve, connecting the different levels of education in the water sector (from primary > secondary > VET > Bachelor > Master > Phd and Lifelong Learning).
  • They provide VET students (initial and continuous) with labour market relevant skills, in a lifelong learning continuum approach. Combining offers of initial VET qualifications, with offers of continuing training (for upskilling and reskilling).
  • They build business-education partnerships with water industry professionals (public and private) and work together with innovation hubs and technology diffusion centres for: apprenticeships, internships, sharing of equipment, exchanges of staff and teachers between companies and VET centres.
  • They have a strong focus on the continuing professional development of teachers and trainers (both pedagogical skills as well as technical skills, involvement in research projects among the platform of VET providers, etc.).
  • They develop project-based learning that bring inter-disciplinary approaches and VET learners from different fields of study (e.g. design, marketing, engineering) to solve real work problems/challenges.
  • They have a strong focus on competence development and the creation of the right mindset of students (proactive, entrepreneurial work attitude).
  • They are developing sustainable financial models that combine public funding, and income generating activities for the Centres of Vocational Excellence.

CoVE Water Blueprint & Toolkit

CoVE Water Blueprint including practical toolkit for vocational schools (or other organisations with ambitions in the direction of Vocational Excellence in the Water sector) describing how to set up an integrated regional Centre of Vocational Excellence for the Water sector. This toolkit will facilitate and stimulate organisations and individuals to cooperate and join forces to increase the impact and create an integrated approach to the delivery of the Pilot PoVE Water goals and deliverables.

The 5 CoVE Water

Five CoVE’s will be set up or further developed in all participating countries (including actors of the national/regional ‘knowledge triangle’ concerning water technology). The CoVE’s follow the principles of the Hybride Learning Environment.

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