In order to execute the activities you have identified in phase 3, you need to communicate with your target groups. On the one hand to inform them about the activities, on the other hand to ensure that the activities are in line with their needs whilst you develop them.

You can use a combination of the following workshops to do so:

  • Workshop ‘how to involve SMEs’, on how to involve more SMEs in your public private partnership.
  • Workshop ‘Storytelling’, on how to tailor your story to your audience?
  • Workshop ‘Communication strategies’, on how to choose the right communication strategy, fitting your target group.
  • Workshop ‘account management’, on how to manage your stakeholders

Outcomes of this phase are:

  • Warm relations with your target groups
  • Insights in how to engage with your different target groups, resulting in approach strategies that fit the characteristics of the target group

Tools to use:

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