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Univeristy of Maastricht -
Maastricht School of Management

The University of Maastricht - Maastricht School of Management (UM-MSM) has a successful track record in international development and capacity building, fostering sustainable relationships between developed and emerging economies through the exchange of management knowledge. UM-MSM provides globally accredited Higher Degree programs and acts as a management development institute for various clients worldwide. Their key sectors include education, agriculture, water, and health. They promote the Triple Helix approach, facilitating partnerships between academia, business, and government. UM-MSM has developed an e-learning platform for vocational education and training (VET) providers, focusing on smart water for agribusiness. 

Sandra Adriaansens

Senior Manager of Business Development at MSM


Sandra is a thoughtful leader in the integrative implementation process of blended learning. Her capacity building activities at the TVET institutional, organizational and staff level aim towards strengthening Remote Teaching towards a seamlessly, sustainable efficient blended learning business model. She also guides online learning curriculum development and develops and performs “Train the Trainer online awareness training”.

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