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Our Activities

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Expanding Vocational Excellence

Expanding the holistic approach to Vocational Excellence in the Global water sector by securing a central role of Vocational Education & Training in Regional Innovation Ecosystems.


By continuing to build on the national Centers of Vocational Excellence Water (CoVE’s Water) in the Netherlands, Malta, Czech Republic, and Latvia, each CoVE Water expands by including neighbouring countries in the partnership. PoVE Water expanded globally by setting up and running a CoVE Water South Africa. 


Do you want to join the PoVE Water movement? Contact the Regional Captains.

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Learning Materials

PoVe Water ensures that current and future water sector professionals have the key skills and competences demanded by the industry. We develop specific modular vocational education and training programmes and always let students work in real life situations, based on challenges. We will drive innovation by developing contemporary Digital and Virtual Reality learning materials.

Join our E-learning platform and stay tuned on newly developed educational materials on water related education.


International Mobility

International Mobility activities are a key component of PoVE Water, promoting internationalization while sharing and disseminating innovative water education strategies.


Through hands-on learning, teaching, and training activities, we strive for excellence in water education, encouraging a global exchange of ideas and practices for sustainable water resources management. PoVE Water will not only establishing international mobilities of students in Vocational and Higher Education, also educators, policy advisors and water sector professionals will visit each other and share knowledge and experiences.

Get inspired about past international mobility activities.

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Recruitment, Retainment & Reputation

With the Work Package 'Water Sector Recruitment, Retention, Reputation', PoVE Water's mission is to rekindle interest in the water sector.


Our goal is to attract and retain talent, make water studies appealing to students, and raise public awareness about the sector's importance. Through strategic promotional campaigns, we aim to draw students, professionals, and the general public towards our vital industry.

Get inspired about our work done.

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