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Latgales Industrial Technical School

Latgale Industrial Technical School is an educational institution that offers general, vocational, continued, in-service, and non-formal education programs. They have over 1,300 students and 130 qualified teachers. The school implements 23 vocational education programs across six departments. Their values include sustainability, innovation, quality, and equality. The school prepares highly qualified specialists for the labor market, encourages further education, and collaborates closely with employers, policymakers, and other vocational education providers. They are involved in various projects and initiatives, including partnerships for work-based learning and mobility projects. Latgale aims to increase international cooperation and promote an innovative and sustainable economy. They have participated in an Erasmus+ project focused on developing environmentally-friendly training in the construction sector.


Oksana Soročina 

Assistant Headmistress

As assistant headmistress for education, Oksana oversees all higher-level operations at school, plans, implements and monitors school policies, and manages staff and program improvement processes. She is an expert in vocational education and training and innovative approaches to learning, and has been involved in several international projects and networks.

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