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CREA Hydro & Energy

CREA Hydro&Energy is a cluster of companies, research institutions and universities. It is working in the branch of technologies for water constructions, water and waste treatment a renewable energy. Members of the cluster collectively participate on research, product innovations and development, promotion of the branch, presentations and realizations of projects in Czech Republic and in other countries. It is a key organisation for water management and water technology in the region and one of leaders the Czech Republic, it is also an important player in regional development. The cluster has been actively involved in national and international innovation, research and internationalization programs (EUREKA, H2020, INTERREG). The cluster CREA Hydro&Energy provides expert studies, training of foreign experts and consultations in the field for Czech and foreign ministries and other institutions within development cooperation and its own commercial projects.


Břetislav Skácel

CEO of CREA Hydro&Energy

Břetislav Skácel has gained experience as Production Manager of international projects in GEOtest, Commercial Director in INKOS (electro-mechanical equipment for water). In addition, Břetislav has wide participation in management of implementation projects in the fields of renewable resources of energy and water treatment.

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