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Estonian Waterworks Association (EVEL)

EVEL is a non-profit association. EVEL is a nationwide voluntary association of water companies providing the service of public water supply and sewerage and other business operators related to this area of activity. EVEL has an Executive Board with 9 Board members (non-payment) and a management team consisting of a Managing Director (full time), a Technical Advisor (full time) and a Communication Manager (full time). EVEL has 74 members, of which 44 waterworks and 30 related companies (producers, constructors, consultants, resellers etc.). The 44 waterwork members cover about 90% of Estonian population, which are connected with public water supply and sewerage system. In 2017 EVEL entered a collaboration with Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre and EVEL opened a 2-year educational programme for water treatment operators. In 2020, the professional standard and study modules were updated. Currently, the Association is taking part in international scale projects NOAH and CW Pharma2. In the last four years, we have been involved in three EU projects, IWAMA, BEST, CW Pharma.  


Mihkel Muulmann 

Technical Advisor at EVEL

Mihkel Muulmann is the Technical advisor at Estonian Waterworks Association and an Occupational Qualification Water Treatment Operator level 5 and Occupational Committee Member. 

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