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From Leeuwarden to Brno: Diving Deep into International Water Weeks

From March 17th to the 27th, students from Aeres and Firda Leeuwarden went on an enlightening journey to Brno, Czech Republic, to participate in the International Water Weeks. This event served as a platform for learning, networking, and delving into Czech water management practices.

Accompanying the students on this excursion is Simon Feersma-Hoekstra, a dedicated educator from Aeres, who shared his insights and highlights from the past week. Simon was surprised by the camaraderie amongst the students. On the very first evening, a pub quiz was organized, leading to the formation of teams including individuals from different countries. This instant bonding set the tone for collaborative learning throughout the week.

The itinerary was filled with excursions, project presentations, and engaging discussions. Simon expressed his joy at the unforeseen outcomes of the projects and the candid exchanges with fellow educators from diverse backgrounds. It became evident that the experience was not only enriching for the students but also for the accompanying teachers.

One of the most rewarding aspects for Simon were the meaningful connections with other schools that were made. The opportunity to interact with counterparts from different nations provided valuable perspectives and insights into global water management practices. Aside from the educational aspects, Simon found enjoyment in the cultural experiences, including trying delicious local beers and witnessing the personal growth of the students. Particularly noteworthy was the growing collaboration between Firda and Aeres students.

During the weekend, the group explored the historic city of Prague. Tomorrow, they will say farewell to Brno, wrapping up their program before heading back to the Netherlands. It has been a resoundingly successful week, characterized by learning, making connections, and cultural enrichment. The International Water Weeks in Brno have not only broadened horizons but have also forged lasting connections and memories for all involved.

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