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Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University (RTU) is the largest technological university in the Baltic States, which aims to ensure high quality study process, excellence in research and sustainable innovation and commercialization activities, as well as education, technology transfer and innovation. RTU offers Bachelor, Master and Doctor studies in several sectors ranging from Engineering to Environmental Sciences. RTU had 9 faculties, 33 research institutes and laboratories in 5 cities of Latvia. In this project, RTU is represented by members of Department of Water Enginering and Technology from Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Janis Rubulis

Associated professor and senior researcher


As a researcher Dr. Rubulis has worked on projects of FP 5th – 7th (since 2002). Dr. Rubulis has conducted several national research projects for Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia, as well ERDF and with industrial partners. He is specializing in drinking water quality in networks, distribution and accounting of water and the knowledge is approbated at infrastructure of several Latvian end-users.

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