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Secondary Industrial School of Civil Engineering Brno (SPŠS)

SPŠS BRNO, founded in 1883, is an educational institution with approximately 500 full-time students. Our specialization in Water and Water Management Construction includes a comprehensive study of water management. From obtaining water from water sources, its transport, treatment for drinking purposes, wastewater disposal, and wastewater treatment plants. It also includes all constructions on watercourses, hydro melioration, protection and organization of river basins, waste management. Our goal is to target the connection between education and professional practice and to improve the level and quality of education.


Jarmila Hladíková 

Chief Designer ve Společnosti

Leader of Civil Engineering – Water. Representative of “SPŠ Stavební” College in Brno. Jarmila is a VET school teacher with many years of experience, and a guarantor of specialization for water constructions. 

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