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Women Engage for a Common Future

WECF is a non-governmental and non-profit network organization working in over 50 countries to advance gender equality and sustainable development in the areas of energy, climate, health, water, and agriculture. They have branches in Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Georgia. WECF's team has expertise in management, training, and policy advocacy, designing and implementing local solutions while influencing inclusive policy development. They actively participate in international negotiations and collaborate with various organizations and bodies. In the water sector, WECF promotes awareness and local action for sustainable water and sanitation, advocating for safety planning in peri-urban and rural areas. They also focus on raising awareness of human rights, Agenda 2030, and the importance of environmental and infrastructure development in rural areas.


Bistra Mihaylova 

Project Manager Water and Sanitation in the Balkan region

Bistra has more than 15 years’ experience on water and sanitation management activities, networking and fundraising at WECF. With broad experience in implementing projects and initiatives related to water ecology, drinking water and wastewater treatment in the Balkan and EECCA countries. 

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