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Yuverta is an educational organization formed by the merger of three agricultural VET providers. They focus on important issues like climate, energy, water, and welfare in collaboration with the business community. With multiple locations, Yuverta offers education and training to various groups, emphasizing a local and personal approach. They cover EQF levels 0 to 4 and specialize in areas such as urban greening and water management. Blauwe Hotspot Dordrecht, part of Yuverta, is a community for students and professionals focusing on water, greenery, and climate themes.


Richa van Zoelen

Project Leader Blue Hotspot

Richa is a dedicated project leader at Blue Hotspot by Yuverta. She is very passionate about moving people towards a more sustainable way of working or living. Richa helps to build a community for an MBO school on Water, Soil and Climate where education, government and business can find each other within regional to European projects.

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