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Platform of Vocational Excellence Water.

Implementing a new way of educating people to make sure they are the sustainable water sector professionals that society and the labour market needs.

Why PoVE Water

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Our Why

PoVE Water, an international collaboration, champions sustainable water management by developing a new generation of water sector professionals. Faced with rapid global changes, from climate shifts to aging populations, the demand for excellently trained water sector operatives is vital. By prioritizing vocational education, we empower our professionals to spur innovation and steward the circular economy. Today’s VET student is tomorrows Water sector professional and therefor needs to be infused with the changing way we need to deal with Water.

Our Activities

PoVE Water aims to expand Vocational Excellence in the global water sector through creating a solid position for Vocational Education & Training (VET) in Regional Innovation Ecosystems. By expanding the network of the Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) Water across countries, we work towards a water sector with skilled workers. We emphasize hybrid learning environments, competence development, challenge based learning, and international mobility to promote excellence in water education and attract talent to the sector. 

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