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Driving siustainable development in the water sector with PoVE Water project

EfVET had the honor to receve the delegation and visit from Jining Polytechnic. We were thrilled to represent EfVET activity and EfVET projects Platform of Vocational Excellence Water to talk about the relevance of CoVES and the quality of Vocational Education and Training for a Chinese delegation from Shandong Province.

We are thrilled to have facilitated this exchange of knowledge and good practices. One of the foremost challenges discussed was the critical need to invest in water sector, emphasizing the development of technical, life, and foundational skills. PoVE Water team are  passionate about water and want to make a difference in water sector. Therefore, we underscored the necessity of rethinking training environments, pointing out the importance of VET centres serving as learning hubs within the broader educational ecosystem- said Valentina Chanina from EfVET We stressed the significance of environmental education approaches and risk of water in the future – “Water means life and I believe you see it the same way”


It also has been a nice opportunity to learn what is an JINING Polytechnic and the history of the main birthplace of Chinese civilization. The Jining Polytechnic comprises 16 teaching units, offering 55 majors across 16 distinct categories and 10 competitive specially groups including big data technology & intelligent manufacturing etc.

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