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Latvians continuing adult education and vocational training with several excursions

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

An educational excursion took place with water operators in Latvia on 27 May 2023. They visited various facilities and learned a lot about wastewater treatment equipment, wastewater treatment facilities, the treatment of wastewater in an artificial wetland, and more.

Thanks to a visit at Akvedukts Ltd with Gints Jaudzems topics covered were related with theoretical and practical familirization of pipe fittings. They worked on some simple calculations related with hydraulic pressure losses and operators also had the opportunity to take a look at the equipment and operation of the pump repair workshop.

The next stop was organised at Pipelife Latvija with Ivo Tinkuns where operators had the possibility to see different pipe assortments. They watched a demonstration of the welding of a water pipe section and a sewer well and learn from an expert about the most common mistakes made in these works.

Field work excursions continued in the three municipality facilities of Tinuzi, Ogre and Salaspils, where operators had the possibilty to see the constructed wetland, as well as the conventional drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

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