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Leeuwarden Water Weeks 2023

19 September 2023

40 participants from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta, and Estonia will be immersing themselves in the fascinating realm of water technology for two weeks during the International Project Water Weeks in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Today was the kick-off of the programme at MBO Life Sciences with a warm welcome by Simon Feersma-Hoekstra, an experienced teacher in food technology and potable water, and Pieter Hoekstra programme manager of CIV Water.

The groups of students all had an opportunity to introduce themselves, their hobbies, and their schools. Along with explaining the famous attractions in their countries they also talked about the importance of water in their various regions, from the dry islands of Malta to the forested land of Estonia. Each of the students also discussed what personally interested them to participate in the Water Weeks.

Some students had previously participated in Water Weeks and wanted to keep learning more about water quality and water technology. Other students had an interest in trying something new and in seeing the Netherlands. Students came from a range of educational backgrounds such as studying pharmaceutical and organic chemistry, agriculture, architecture, construction engineering and building services, chef studies, environmental sustainability, and more. This diversity will give the students an amazing range of knowledge, skills, and ideas to utilize when they work together on their assignments.

During these two weeks, students will have the opportunity to explore the Leeuwarden Water Campus, attend interesting microbiology workshops and water purification lessons, conduct research at the Water Application Centre, and embark on exciting excursions. At the end of the two weeks they will have the chance to present their assignment findings and showcase everything they have learned.

We are excited for them to dive deeper into the world of water, and hope they all have an exciting time in Leeuwarden.

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