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National project week Water 2023

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

This year, we have once again organised a National Water Project Week. This week is all about introducing students from different ROCs to (waste) water. What happens to the water when we flush the toilet, for example? How is water purified before we are allowed to discharge it and what rules are involved? Besides part theory, there is of course also plenty of practice, including building our own water purification system in miniature!


The project week started on Monday 22 May with this time a group of 14 students from Noorderpoort in Delfzijl and six from Deltion College in Zwolle. After the festive reception with real Frisian orange cake, the students were given the first day's theory and an interesting workshop on how, using Arduino, to create a logical programme powering a wastewater treatment system. Later this week, they used this programme at their own mini wastewater treatment plant.


On Tuesday, the Kameleon Island in Terherne was on the programme and fortunately the sun was shining. The Kameleon Island has its own water treatment plant, so this fitted in perfectly with this week's theme. By boat, they went to the island. On the island, they first got to prepare their own lunch on an open fire, followed by some water measurements and other fun activities.


On Wednesday, we started the day with a return visit to Chameleon Island, after which in the afternoon the students could start building their own mini water treatment plant in the Water Application Centre (WAC).


On Thursday, we had an interesting excursion to the RWZI in Grou. Here, students were able to take a look at how wastewater is purified in a big way. A nice thing about the WWTP in Grou is that they also have a so-called Aqualân there. This is a water harmony consisting of several successively placed ponds that ensure the water is further purified by means of, among other things, water fleas. In the afternoon, the students at the WAC continued doing analyses at their own mini water purification plant.


Friday, already the last day, was all about the final presentations. The students were allowed to present their findings and their analyses. After some critical questions from the jury, they all received a nice certificate. This was followed by a delicious lunch, after which everyone could return home to recover from another incredibly successful week!

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