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PoVE Water @ EfVET conference

Employers today expect their future workforce to have the new skills needed to meet the green transition challenge. VET Colleges and schools expect employers and international stakeholders to engage in a dialogue with VET Colleges and Schools and support the updating of education and training programmes and add new ones. This process requires a well-planned course of action by all stakeholders – employers, policy-makers, training providers and national and international players. Training providers are facing the dilemma of what education and training programmes to offer which address green transitions and the needs of tomorrow. Employers are on the other hand finding it difficult to predict the skills of a green future and lament that they are still not finding the skills they need today. This narrative has been on the table far too long. It is mostly because in a world dominated by uncertainty and fast technological development planning by training providers and employers is hard to get it right.

This annual conference brought together stakeholders who can shed light on a joint approach (employers/training providers) which would mitigate the gap between the provision of skills and the skills needs in the labour market. Work-based learning can provide an excellent platform for a VET agenda of future skills for green transitions. But, there are certainly other means to attract employers to training provision and vice versa to design a better future for tomorrow’s workforce and our quality of life.

Three roundtables sessions about PoVE Water Scale-up project were organised during the EfVET conference by EfVET and FIRDA college in Rhodes (Greece), gathering over 30 participants from diferent European countries. Pilot PoVE Water Scale-up is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competences and skills needs in the water sector. The goal was to introduce EfVET participants into the subject of the project: Centres of Vocational Excellence and virtual Platform.

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