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THE EVENT 2024: Shaping Europe's Future through Vocational Education and Training

Co-organised by the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), the European Association of Institutes of Vocational Training (EVBB) and the European Vocational Training Association (EVTA), the three major European Networks representing the Vocational Education and Training (VET) community, THE EVENT 2024: The European Agenda for the Future of VET aimed to shed light on the critical role of VET in shaping the future of Europe, considering that the sector greatly contributes to employability and to the goals of “skills and competencies for the sustainable future”, reducing “cracks in social cohesion”, for a Sustainable Europe by 2050. This event is designed to foster community, share innovative practices, and build connections among professionals in the field. More than 250 participants from 40 European and non-European countries to launch and celebrate, for the very first time.

During the project Marketplace, Valentina Chanina from EfVET explained the vision and e-Learning Platform of the PoVE Water scale-up project to some delegates. The Water sector as the environment is changing in such a rapid way that knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences is crucial.

Many regions around the Europe are struggling with water sector, which is leading to major challenges. What influence does climate change have on the availability of water in Europe? We know that the climate change every day every year and water sector has always an attractive power on people. Now, we faced a big problem to fight for water and to find a people who are interesting in this sector. Therefore, Power Water Scale -up try to bring together the many different perspectives on water sector.

PoVE Water Scale-up will take the next step in the bottom-up approach to Vocational Excellence in the European Water sector.

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