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BARCOVE BlueGreen Innovation Challenge Hackathon

Updated: Feb 22

BARCOVE is a project closely connected to CoVE Water West-EU and aims to develop an innovative and norm-setting model for school-company collaboration around VET. It focuses on applied research as a lever for scientific, technical innovation within urban space and water management.

Within this project, on September 13 and 14, we experienced the successful BlueGreen Innovation Challenge Hackathon that has united students from around the world to revolutionize the blue/green sector with cutting-edge measurement solutions. Aarhus, Denmark, hosted this event, bringing together students, teachers, experts, and industry representatives from Europe, South America, and Africa. All driven by a shared mission: addressing climate challenges.

Companies and startups presented 10 challenges to 45 vocational students, forming 10 multidisciplinary teams, each focused on a specific challenge. Participants left the event with heads full of ideas, hearts full of inspiration, and a network of climate warriors ready to drive positive change in their communities.

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