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CoVE Water South Africa's WaterHub wins Eco-Logic award!

The WaterHUB last night won gold in the South Africa yearly Eco-Logic Award. It's impressive to see the recognition and acknowledgment of efforts in environmental sustainability and water management. The WaterHUB's focus on promoting collaboration between government, industry, and research institutions for healthier rivers, increased food nutrition, and security is crucial in addressing environmental challenges. The initiative's location in the Winelands of Franschhoek adds a local context to its impact on the community and the environment. It's also noteworthy that The WaterHUB is set to become an important component of the Platform for Vocational Excellence in Water, contributing to the reputation building of the water sector. This indicates a commitment to not only immediate environmental concerns but also to the long-term development and sustainability of the water industry. The other award finalists also showcase the diverse range of efforts in areas such as nature conservation, wildlife protection, climate change, and circular economy innovation. This demonstrates the multifaceted approach needed to address environmental challenges effectively. Overall, it's great to see initiatives like The WaterHUB being recognized and celebrated for their positive impact on the environment and the picture

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