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Malta Hosts Second Public Service Expo: A Showcase of Tradition, Innovation, and Community Engagement

The second edition of the Public Service Expo was held in Malta during the third week of May, between the 15th and 19th, at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali.


This year's edition not only built on the first edition’s success but also offered bigger and more varied attractions, including traditional food and products, and an opportunity for visitors and sports enthusiasts to follow electronic competitions.


A notable feature of this year’s Expo was a cinema showcasing exclusive archival footage with a nostalgic view of Malta’s history, along with displays by the disciplined forces highlighting their crucial role in safeguarding the country’s security. Members of the public had the chance to speak with representatives from various sectors, including health and education officials.


One of the highlights was the visit by a group of around 1,200 students on 17 May. They had the chance to visit WSC’s stand, where they were informed about the services the Corporation provides, including the operation of reverse osmosis plants, management of the water table for potable water provision, and the operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants for supplying secondary water (known as "New Water") for irrigation in agriculture, landscaping, and other related sectors. The Expo also provided an excellent opportunity to promote participation in the PoVE Project – students received flyers describing the project, its aims, and the opportunities it offers in the vocational water sector, while staff were available on-site to answer questions.


The Expo included internal conferences addressing pertinent issues such as skills development, training, innovation, and the professional growth of public officers. Families who attended the Public Service Expo participated in outdoor events, including an obstacle and sports track, and displays focusing on emergency response procedures.


Owners of pets, such as dogs and cats, were encouraged to attend the Expo, where they had the opportunity to receive free veterinary advice on-site. Entrance to the Expo was free of charge.

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