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PoVE Water at EU Green Week 2023: “Delivering a Net-Zero World” Conference (6-7 June, 2023)

The EU Green Week is an initiative organised by DG Environment aimed at celebrating the progress made by the EU in terms of environmental policies and at encouraging individuals, communities and organisations to act towards the protection of our environment.

Its 13th edition took place from June 6th -11th, with an array of initiatives that include policy debates, workshops and exhibitions, focused on the theme “Delivering a Net-Zero World”!

On June 6th and 7th, a Conference was held in the Charlemagne building of the European Commission, in Brussels (BE), with speakers coming from education, business, politics and civil society sectors, and more than 250 participants (who attended in presence and online) had the opportunity to address relevant issues such as biodiversity, circular economy and zero pollution.

EfVET had an active participation in this event, with Prof. Joachim James Calleja contributing as a speaker addressing the topic “Local Actors driving the greening of VET”, organised by the City of Gotenburg. During this session, EfVET President addressed the topics of sustainable development and circular economy, as well as digitalisation of our economies and societies as crucial for achieving the net zero targets, for which it is imperative that “vocational education equips students with green skills for current and future jobs”.

The project PoVE Water Scale Up, of which EfVET is partner, was also present in this “Delivering a Net-Zero World” Conference, on the exhibition site – an opportunity for CIV Water and EfVET to present the project to the participants of the event, including members from the Commission, and to create synergies with relevant stakeholders from the Environment and Water sectors!

This Conference was a success! See it for yourself by accessing this link where the videos of each policy debate and workshop held are available.

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