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PoVE Water Team organised for EurEau Webinar: Preparing Vocational Education for the Future

Updated: Jul 11

The PoVE water team recently joined the EurEau webinar titled "Water Talent: Preparing Vocational Education for the Future," where experts and industry leaders discussed the future of vocational education in water management.

The webinar emphasized the importance of modernizing curricula to include technologies like virtual and augmented reality, which enhance the learning experience for water management students. Practical, real-world training was highlighted as essential for bridging the gap between theory and practice. Involving students in projects and competitions was noted as a key method for achieving this.

The EurEau webinar was a pivotal event for fostering collaboration and innovation in vocational education for water management. The PoVE water team remains dedicated to advancing education and preparing the next generation of water professionals through continuous innovation and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives!

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