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Unlocking the Future of Water: Regional Launch of CoVE Water South Africa Empowers Industry-Ready Pr

The water industry witnessed a groundbreaking moment at the University of Stellenbosch with the regional launch of the Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Water. Industry leaders, educational institutions, and government bodies joined forces, highlighting the transformative power of industry involvement in shaping the future of vocational education and training.

The PoVE Water project embraces a revolutionary approach to learning, propelling learners towards industry readiness with industry collaboration. By bridging Vocational Education and the world of work, this innovative initiative equips learners with practical skills that tackle the dynamic challenges of the water sector head-on.

During the launch, industry stakeholders took center stage, showcasing their unwavering commitment to vocational excellence. Their active involvement in curriculum development and training programs guarantees that learners receive cutting-edge, industry-relevant expertise—empowering them to become the future leaders and problem solvers our water sector needs.

The event also celebrated the outstanding achievements of Capricorn TVET College in Limpopo Province. Situated in Polokwane City, the college will pilot the Water Works Management Practitioner occupational program, which is a very relevant link to the CoVE Water South Africa initiative. Also the reverse osmosis plant at Senwabarwana Campus and the impact the training of process controllers at the college had on the local community was an inspiration to the audience.

“The Centre of Vocational Excellence in Water marks a turning point in vocational education and training, placing industry at the forefront,” said Manuel Jackson. “With active participation from industry leaders, we ensure our learners acquire practical knowledge and skills directly applicable to real-world water challenges. This collaborative approach fuels innovation, enhances job prospects, and fosters sustainable water stewardship.”

The regional launch of the Centre of Vocational Excellence in Water garnered overwhelming support from industry stakeholders, educational institutions, and government bodies. This collective commitment to industry involvement and vocational excellence promises a future workforce adept at addressing the urgent water-related issues of our time.

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