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PoVE Water consortium visits Latvia’s Centre of Vocational Excellence Water

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

It was an exciting and educational experience as the PoVE Water consortium recently paid a visit to Latvia's Centre of Vocational Excellence Water Baltics from April 19-21st. This trip provided a great opportunity for the project partners, from 23 organisations across 8 different countries, to witness first-hand how Universities, Vocational Institutions, Regional Authorities, and Water Industry Companies and Institutions collaborate to ensure the Water Industry has the skilled workers that this sector desperately needs.

Water sector professions are continuously evolving, and Vocational Education needs to keep up with these changes and innovations. This is exactly where the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water is making huge strides. By pooling our partner’s expertise and knowledge, we can develop new curricula and make the transition to creating Virtual Learning experiences. The VR materials can be used by students, as well as water industry employees, to learn about new developments in water technology.

Guido Helmerhorst from Warp VR joined the PoVE Water meeting in Latvia to demonstrate the possibilities Virtual Learning can bring to water-related vocational education. Participants had a lot of fun during the workshop making a water-themed scenario and thinking about how it could be transformed into a VR experience for use in a classroom. Everyone is now eagerly looking forward to filming and using the first PoVE Water Virtual Reality learning experience!

We want to give a big thank you to Janis Rubulis, Jānis Zviedris, Sandis Dejus, Ivars Pēkainis and the entire team of CoVE Water Baltics for giving us such a fantastic experience.

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